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magic and Sark

I have been sneeking into the corners of my temporary University bookstore to read bits of Succulent Wild Woman. I have not read this book before, and I love it. With all the mix up through Hurricane Katrina, it is so nice to hide away between the tall bookshelves and have Sark whisper her secrets to me. She casually brings up her incest, and I have more hope for my healing through incest pains. All the little drawings in Succulent Wild Woman have flown through my mind onto my class notes all week, making Biology a lot more interesting!

I love my secret hidden times with Sark in the bookstore. I am going to buy my own copy of Succulent Wild Woman soon, but I almost find myself putting it off so I can continue the way I have been. It's like an adventure. I love adventures. ;-) -Brittany
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